Ever looked up at the night sky
wanting to make sense of all that you see ?
Ever wondered why
stars shimmer and shine in our galaxy ?
Ever thought there’s a lot beyond
the Sun, the Moon and the planets we see ?
Then hop on this knowledge rocket with our expert for a ride to the world of astronomy !



  • What is it ?

A short talk by our expert   Mr. Amit Purandare about the wonders of the night sky.

Answers to questions like

-How old is the universe?

-What are celestial objects like clusters, galaxies, stars, etc? and other basics of astronomy.


  • About our expert :

Mr. Amit Purandare has been pursuing Astronomy as his passion since he was in school and today it has turned into a profession for him. He is the Founder Director of the ÄASTRÖNOMICA Club in Pune which aims to promote astronomy in the society. He conducts lectures on Astronomy and Stargazing programs throughout Maharashtra. He also writes several articles on Astronomy in various News papers and Astronomy Magazines. Some of his astro- photos have been selected by reputed international Astronomy magazines like Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Sky at Night, etc. His passion for astronomy and the sheer amount of knowledge that he possesses is sure to leave you spellbound!

So rack your brains and gather up all your questions for an evening of Introduction to Astronomy with our expert !

Age limit : 11 years and above

Venue details coming up soon!


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