India’s richest empire and world’s second-largest medieval-era city during the 1500s, Hampi, the center of the Hindu Vijayanagara Kingdom was frequented by traders from Persia, Portugal and travellers from Europe. A city that once gleamed with prosperity, wealth and remarkable architecture was vanquished and left in ruins.

Deep within the temples, shrines, pillared halls and mandapas lie some incredible clues that unravel the history and mystery surrounding the glorious city of Hampi. Equipped with some fascinating techniques of archaeology, epigraphy and iconography, our expert archaeologist, Kush Debar is sure to make your tour of Hampi mesmerizing.

So put on your Indiana Jones hats and join us on this quest to unfold and discover this lost empire of India !

Itinerary :

30th March :
7:30 am : Report at Hospet
8:00- 9:30 AM- Breakfast
9:30-10:00 AM- Travel to Hampi from Hospet
10:00 – 1:00 PM- Trip around the Royal Centre
1:00- 2:30pm- Lunch at Anegondi (cross the river)
2:30- 4:00pm- Interactive session on temple art and architecture at Hazarama Temple
5:00pm- Back to hotel in Hospet.

27th January :
10:00- arrive at Hampi from Hospet after Breakfast.
10:00- 12:00- Walk through the Vitthala Temple complex
12:30- 2:00pm- Lunch at Anegondi
2:00-4:00pm- Photography and art enthusiast can sketch or take photos.
4:30pm- Hike to Matunga Hill

7:00pm- Back to Hotel

28th January :
9:00AM- 12:00 PM – Bouldering (optional)
12:00- 1:30 PM – Lunch
1:30- 6:00 PM – Free time in the afternoon to explore Hampi , shopping,etc.
6:30 PM : Special surprise , happy goodbye.

Cost : INR 10,000/- (Exclusive of transport to Hospet and back)

Inclusions :
-Historical Cycle Tour with Archaeologist
-Boat Rides
-Travel from Hospet to Hampi
-Accommodation on sharing basis
-Special Discounts on Food
-Expert Charges
-Entry Fees

-Lunch on all 3 days.

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