Looking for short term/ long term volunteering opportunity ? Need a certificate to prove your productivity in college life ?
Here’s your chance!

Who we are –
Earthlings is an organization that organizes outdoor and art based activities for personal transformation and joy. We divide our work into two broad categories –
1. Wellness and Well-being and
2. Entertainment and leisure.
We’re looking to expand the latter by organizing innovative events, competitions, collaborating with artists for mutual benefits and travel experiences.

Who we’re looking for :
-Humans skilled in – art/ music/ spoken word/ drama/story telling/ photography/ videography/ baking/ cooking/ comic illustration/ trekking/ any other art form we haven’t heard of.
-Humans who believe they don’t have any of the above talents but like to interact with new people everyday (or at least pretend impeccably to do so) and are enthusiastic at work.

Job profile :
1. Having fun ! (No, we’re not kidding about this one)
2. Helping out with organizing and hosting events.
3. Implementing marketing strategies, interacting with people.
4. Participating actively in team discussions and coming up with new ideas for expansion.

Perks :
Certificate, letter of recommendation and of course the chance to work with other awesome humans!

One comment on “Volunteering with Earthlings !

  • Hi, I came across your website quite by chance was touched to see an initiative like this operating right here in Pune. I consider myself an earthling as well asn would love to associate/volunteer with you all in any way that I can. Feel free to get in touch with me whenever you like.

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