There are things inside you that need to be expressed. Stories that need to be told and conversations that need to be held. When telling stories we assume so much of the listener. We make judgements on things as superficial as their looks and dress. We do this in spite of ourselves and our better nature.



Earthlings Unseen removes that barrier of judgement between people by facilitating conversations where people are blindfolded. By providing a set of penetrative conversation starters and topics for candidates as they switch partners, move amongst people, never knowing them or seeing them but just listening and speaking.



Earthlings unseen, conducted in beautiful and scenic parks is an immensely therapeutic and healing experience where strangers pour out their soul to each other without being judged.

So join us for an evening of truly BEING YOU!

To know more about this event or if you wish to host us in your city,
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Dr. Khushboo Shah +91-9860344411

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