The world around us seems to be teaching us a lot about happiness and the importance of being happy, grateful, positive every moment of our lives. When everyone around you seems to be stressing about the importance of being the best version of yourself, this exerts an added pressure of achieving the ideal phase of mind. And lo and behold, you find yourself guilt ridden. You criticize yourself for feeling low, unsure, angry, frustrated even with the resources that you have, which are the wants of some other person.

But for me, happiness is just an emotion among others. And as humans, you are supposed to experience a range of sentiments. While it is important that you  strive to be content with yourself and your situation, you should not get stuck up into blaming yourself for feeling dissatisfied at times.

For me anyway, self awareness and acceptance of oneself is the key to wisdom. Being cognizant of your emotions, reactions and your physical, mental ability to cope with it is paramount. So let go, judge less and live mindfully.

– Shweta Dharap

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