Earthlings is an organization revolving around positive change and joy. With this in mind, we plan to feature some unique individuals every month, who have in their own way, brought about joy for others and some incredible change in their lives. 

“When your passion and purpose is greater than your fears and excuses, you will find a way.”
Truly illustrating this thought is a woman who is a mesmerizing performer, a loving teacher and a learner for life. Mrs. Priya Joshi is a Bharatnatyam dancer whose journey took her from accidentally joining a dance class to finding her passion and purpose in dancing. Today, she is a full time faculty member at the FLAME university. She also runs her own dance school, ‘Kalanilayam’, where she graciously welcomes students from every strata of the society. For her, more than the money she receives, it is the happiness of these kids that really matters.

Dance,for her, isnt merely a form of expression but a medium of establishing a dialogue with the mind and the body. It is about knowing yourself,your body and working on it.She believes dance not only adds value but also intersects with varied aspects of life. For her, life has changed tremendously, but what has remained constant is her faith in her work and the wholehearted support of her family.

“With the advent of technology, everyone right from kids to adults has become a slave of these small screens. We seem to have lost that connect with each other and our own self. We often cruelly abuse our own mind and body. Hence, a change I would like to see on this Earth would definitely be ‘going back to basics’. It means finding joy in little things, connecting to the nature, observing everything with a sense of curiosity, being compassionate towards each other and bringing that lost balance back in our lives.”

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